Design and Construction Of Roof Top Package

The design and construction of the roof top package has been produced and operated by the engineers and experts of air conditioning systems in the QTECH complex with capacities of 60000, 72000, 84000, 96000 and 120000, 144000, 180000 and 240000 with the best parts.

Roof top package is an integrated system of cold production that does not require an indoor unit and its function is similar to window air conditioners, with the difference that the volume and amount of cooling and air pressure produced by these devices is much higher than window air conditioners.
Applications: Large halls, stores, cinemas, hypermarkets and spaces where it is not possible to install indoor units or require very clean and sterile air, such as hospitals and operating rooms, etc.

qtech roof top package machine has a national standard.


This device is also designed and manufactured with R410 and R134 refrigerant gases to reduce pollution and use it optimally.


Features of low consumption Roof Top Package

Technical specifications of low consumption Roof Top Package

Dimensions of low consumption Roof Top Package

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